National Criminal Intelligence System Architecture

The Australian Crime Commission, now known as the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, required a secure software architecture, including a centralised authorisation model, to allow law enforcement agencies from every Australian state and territory to collaborate on a criminal intelligence platform.

A key goal of the project was to bring law enforcement agencies from around Australia onboard to collaborate on the platform.

Insitec was engaged by the Australian Crime Commission to provide the architectural and security design services for the criminal intelligence platform, dubbed the National Criminal Intelligence System (NCIS).

In one instance, during early testing of the system, an evidentiary chain was discovered which led to seizure of illegal goods worth more than $500,000.

  • Designed gateway and reverse proxy elements, which allow law enforcement agencies from every state and territory to connect to the NCIS utilising existing links where possible.
  • Created new security zones, to allow more than 12 law enforcement agencies from around Australia to collaborate successfully.
  • Assist partner agencies to understand the required network and cyber security elements that needed to be integrated, uplifted or amended to access the NCIS.

  • At the conclusion of the project, more than 12 Australian law enforcement agencies from around Australia were able to connect successfully to the NCIS using the infrastructure and authentication model created by Insitec.
  • The project was delivered
    on time and on budget.
  • The Master Data model that Insitec was instrumental in designing was used to successfully support law enforcement activities.