HIVE: Australian First in Battlefield Communications

“The days of incompatible radio networks that are manually patched together to create inefficient, constrained networks are behind us. HIVE’s network architecture allows any node to interact with any other node on the secure network.”

HIVE is an Australian designed network management system offering world leading capability for tactical communications systems. Hardware agnostic and electromagnetically aware, the HIVE RF uses advanced software defined networking, and other technologies, to meet the C2 needs of Australia’s hardened and networked Defence Force addressing common offensive and defensive C2 and EW challenges across the modern battlefield.

Key Features

  • 100% sovereign capability


  • Mission planning integrated with network and electromagnetic battlespace awareness


  • Electromagnetic signature management and control


  • Dynamically reconfigurable networks and adaptive communications at the various network layers including the physical layer


  • Integration with existing military radio networking technologies


  • Multi-layer cyber defence mechanisms


  • Developed as part of the Australian Army’s multi-million-dollar C4 EDGE collaboration


  • Replaces the need to manually connect tactical radio networks on the battlefield


  • Researched and tested with Australian Defence Force personnel, to connect the Battlefield of Things (BoT) and enable secure, faster decision-making for effective Joint All-Domain Command and Control


  • Service-Oriented Architecture uses situational awareness of the tactical electromagnetic environment to optimise the flow of data and communications

One of Australia’s leading technology companies, Insitec Pty Ltd is the Australian Army’s Land C4 Systems Integrator and the developer of cutting-edge networked C2 and systems integration tools. Insitec has partnered with government, industry and Defence for more than 20 years, building Australia’s sovereign capability with innovative, high performance technology solutions. The Insitec team has extensive
experience in systems architecture, systems integration and state-of-the-art electromagnetically aware, mobile computing and C2 software systems designed to meet the complex and ever-changing environment of tactical electronic warfare.