AUSTAC TMS: The tactical edge in affordable Australian sovereign C2

“AUSTAC TMS is an intuitive, secure and robust C2 solution ensuring seamless command and control across even the most remote environments.”

AUSTAC TMS is a lead-in tactical mission system designed to be a rapidly scalable operations and training literacy tool, bridging the gap between Battle Ground battle management systems and the men and women at the tactical edge.

Key Features

  • 100% sovereign capability


  • A simple to use training literacy aid with integrated simulation tools


  • Tactical operational planning tools


  • Integrated with a range of civil and tactical data sources


  • Real time blue and red force tracking to the edge


  • 3D terrain and environment visualisation


  • Standardised ADF reporting and orders


  • Easy to build and disseminate mission overlays and orders


  • Hand held, desktop and on the move (OTM) variants


  • Remote satellite operation from a handset


  • Always-on means resilience, robustness, and redundancy for operations

One of Australia’s leading technology companies, Insitec Pty Ltd is the Australian Army’s Land C4 Systems Integrator and the developer of cutting-edge networked C2 and systems integration tools. Insitec has partnered with government, industry and Defence for more than 20 years, building Australia’s sovereign capability with innovative, high performance technology solutions. The Insitec team has extensive experience in systems architecture, systems integration and state-of-the-art electromagnetically aware, mobile computing and C2 software systems designed to meet the complex and ever-changing environment of tactical electronic warfare.